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Heated Mirror Demister Pads

Floor Heating Warehouse / Heated Mirror Demister Pads

Heated Mirror Demister Pads

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Heated Mirror Demister Pads are the perfect solution for permanent mist free mirrors. Simply remove the protective backing from one of our self adhesive demister pads and stick it to the back of any bathroom mirror. Power is usually supplied from the lighting circuit. There is no need for a thermostat.

Our self adhesive low wattage Demister pads are suitable for direct application to a mirror and connected to a suitable lighting circuit or it’s own power supply.


Simply select the size of Mirror demister that best fits your mirror.

The mirror demister pad cannot be cut, so make sure that the mirror is larger than the demister pad.

Mirror Demister Pads Available (Select Options Above)

  • 15W | 252x274mm
  • 30W | 524x274mm
  • 50W | 519x524mm
  • 80W | 812x524mm
  • 105W | 1004x524mm
  • 150W | 1506x524mm


Attaching the Mirror Demister Pad to the Mirror

1. Mark out the back of the mirror to indicate where the Mirror Demister pad is to be fitted
2. Peel off the protective paper exposing the ‘sticky’ side
3. Position one edge of the demister pad in the desired position on the mirror, keeping the other edge away from the mirror.
4. Gradually lower the pad onto the mirror applying even pressure to ensure that there are no air bubbles or creases formed.
5. If the mirror is not framed & is being fitted directly onto the wall, a small recess will need to be made in the wall to compensate for the cold cable connection & to allow the mirror to sit flush.
6. Fix the mirror to the wall using mirror fixing adhesive covering the full surface of the mirror and pad.

Electrical Connections

All wiring must conform to the latest IEE wiring regulations (BS7671 equivalent) if in doubt always consult a qualified electrician.

1. It is recommended that the demister pad is connected via the lighting circuit or on a separate switch.
2. The circuit should be protected by a 5amp fuse or circuit breaker
3. The wires are coloured as follows: BLUE – Neutral, and BROWN – Live/phase
4. The Demister pad must not be accessible once installed
5. Any metal part surrounding the mirror must be earthed & comply with current wiring regulations, this includes metallic mirror safety film (if used).
6. Multiple pads may be fitted to a single mirror & should be connected in parallel – pads must not overlap
7. Please check the resistance of the Mirror demister before and after attaching it to the wall or mirror. (please see readings bellow)
8. Must not be connected to a dimmer switch

The demister pad must not be cut or pierced as this may damage the insulation making it unsafe

We offer FREE NEXT WORKING DAY delivery to all UK mainland addresses (excluding Channel Islands & Eire ) on all of our products. For deliveries outside of mainland UK please contact us for a quote as this may incur additional charges dependent on which product/s being purchased.

Our standard next working day service is FREE and goes via the APC overnight network.

Orders placed before 2:30pm on working days (Mon-Fri) are normally delivered next working day and excludes bank holidays and weekends.

Every effort is made by us to ensure that delivery is made by the next working day but there are times when delays outside of our control occur for which we cannot be held responsible.

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15w Mirror Demister Pad (252 x 274 mm), 30w Mirror Demister (574 x 274 mm), 50w Mirror Demister (519 x 524 mm), 80w Mirror Demister (812 x 524 mm), 105w Mirror Demister (1004 x 524 mm), 150w Mirror Demister (1506 x 524 mm)


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