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Underfloor heated driveway – now there’s an idea

Underfloor heated driveway – now there’s an idea

With the current daily temperatures around 20C you are probably not thinking that putting underfloor heating under your driveway would be a priority. But here at Floor Heating we have clients making changed to their homes/offices every 365 days of the year and we ensure they get the correct system for the task in hand.


Our client called the team and was curious as to whether we could supply a system which would ensure his driveway was snow and ice free all winter. We have an in-screed underfloor heating system which allows the heating to be installed into a slab under the final surface finish. The heating output is between 120-150 w per square meter on new build internal rooms – but in this case we upped the power by running the cables tighter together to 180 w per square meter. The controls for the heating (digital thermostat) are inside one of the garages which are fully programmable. The versatility of the system allows the client to be in full control of his heating at the press of a button.

If you would like advice on outdoor heating we have the team and skills to ensure you get the product which is right for you. Get in touch today for a free no obligation quotation.

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