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Supporting a Barn Conversion in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire

Supporting a Barn Conversion in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire

We have recently undertaken quoting and supplying a barn conversion in Pinxton, Nottinghamshire with a heating solution. The client contacted us a few months ago to ask advice on insulation, heating options and our accessories. Several emails and phone calls later the client sent a plan of the building – then we set to work.

The customer had decided that they would have a central heating system as the main source of heating – with our in screed heating running at 120 w psm taking the chill off the floor. This solution was the best option as the floors were being relaid with concrete – the cables are simply laid into the concrete slab at a set distance then power is supplied to the system.


It was evident though the whole process that the client had done his research. Contacting many of our competition asking the same questions and getting a variety of answers. Here at Floor Heating Warehouse we always ensure our staff are trained to the highest/same standards ensuring continuity for our clients. Underfloor heating is not a black art – it is simply making sure every aspect is taken into account to ensure the final solution is the right one.

The client has gone onto telling his friends and family about us at Floor Heating Warehouse with our helpful non pushy approach to dealing with customers.


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