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Why is insulation so important for underfloor heating?

Why is insulation so important for underfloor heating?

No matter what construction you wish to add to your property nowadays, you will always find that the supplier/builder (if from a reputable company) will supply the product very well insulated. Here at Floor Heating Warehouse we will always ask you questions about the surface on which the underfloor heating is being installed onto. It isn’t rocket science to understand the importance of insulating beneath your heating system. We offer various depths of insulation from 3 mm right up to 60 mm with our Depron Foam for Under wood/laminate and our tilebacker boards for under tiles.

How much insulation is too much?

You can never have too much insulation – within reason. There are obvious obstacles like floor height and cost but we advise is to try and replicate the image below showing the heating being pushed back into the room – where you are, unless of course you want to warm the worms beneath your property? The other benefits include a quicker warm up time thus saving money and no matter where you come from in life – this is a good thing. We have opted to supply only the very best quality products and this is few right the way to our insulation. The options to you will only give you more confidence in knowing you have chosen a company which cares for its clients – because we look after you and you tell your friends/family about a company which prides itself on customer service.

Insulation and Underfloor heating

We have been working with various suppliers of insulation and some we have left to one side as they didn’t come close to offering the ideal product. Let’s take Depron as an example: the product Depron is millimetre thin insulation sheet manufactured of fully recycled materials, it is free from halogen and freon. The sheet is produced of foamed polystyrene, this material does not age. The cell structure in the sheet is built up of fine, closed cells that gives it its excellent mechanical and physical characteristics. Depron is a highly efficient extruded polystyrene insulation material which is suitable for use below wood, laminate or even carpets

If you have any questions on how much insulation you need please get in touch with us.

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