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So what is different about Floor Heating Warehouse Underfloor Heating?

So what is different about Floor Heating Warehouse Underfloor Heating?

When it comes to underfloor heating it is always reassuring to know that the heating you are installing under nice new floor is a quality one. Here at Floor Heating Warehouse we have been very selective in which brands we have chosen to market – and we now market our heating solutions to over 20 countries. Focussing on quality products and ensuring our customer service is nothing less than exceptional, has created an underfloor heating supplier which is growing mostly via word of mouth – there is no better way to market any company. We will shortly be launching our new range of water underfloor heating solutions – together with next day delivery and a full free quoting service available we will continue to offer our customers the very best solutions.

Our design services

We have an exceptionally experienced design and sales team, with working knowledge from flooring and heating industries. We offer complete project and product support, whether it be for a toilet or an apartment block, we are happy to be involved at any and all stages, from design and specification through services coordination, installation, supply, commissioning and beyond.

Underfloor Heating Options

What solution is best for you?

The Floor Heating Warehouse range is ever expanding; we have core products for heating tile, stone, wood, vinyl and carpeted floors, plus flooring systems that enable the heating of any floor finish. We also offer a wide range of ancillary products to further support our customers including;  Wet Room Systems, Heated Towel Rails, Frost Protection/Trace Heating, Mirror Heaters, Driveway Heating,  Floor Levelling Systems/Screeds and Adhesives. If you are in any doubt which way to turn either browse through the website or get in touch with one of the team.


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